Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Time To Invest In Health

Healthy life is everyone's dream, everyone will require to live well in to elderly age. However the reality they are not immune from various diseases, both mild disease to extreme or critical disease. It is unnoticed by most people in this world even tend to ignore it.

But along with the changing times, people increasingly aware of the importance HEALTH. Along with a growing trend today is the human tendency to require to improve life expectancy and healthcare costs are more expensive every year, then HEALTH absolute full attention.

At the age of pruduktif human health because it tends to be forgotten in this age of health costs comparatively less issue or a burden on some people, because of the availability of medical health insurance facilities of the employer. They think the actual sempet why? people tended to think "I HAVE NO FACILITIES OFFICE OF INSURANCE KESEAHATAN" when the medical health insurance provided by the office of coursework, with the limit determined in accordance with the level of the position of each worker. And usually only cost dicover disease in the mild section. They never think about if exposed CRITICAL DISEASE (Heart, Stroke Cancer etc.), how much funds they need if the risk of it happening to him.

So what is the cost of Health at the time no longer productive or at age RETIREMENT OR SUNSET?? Most people will use will use the pension funds, savings or investments set aside for those who have been working for plenty of years to pay the hospital bills.

Age is a nice time to start HEALTH INVEST. Investing through a choice of the proper insurance to protect you and the you love relatives until elderly age.

PT. PRUDENTIAL LIFE ASSURANCE place to invest in health for the whole relatives. Prudential will provide protection against various types of critical disease, hospitalization and treatment which comes complete with Grief Funds welfare funds until the age of 99 years.

PRUlink assurance account in addition to the flagship product of Produntial will menerikan protection against a variety of critical disease and hospitalization is equipped with :

  1. Liberation premium (if the insured is exposed to critical disease) until the age of 65.
  2. Wage reimbursement funds that will diabayarkan any shit like us to work if the insured is exposed to a critical disease.
  3. Accident compensation funds will be given in accordance with the desired.
  4. Funds compensation Grief If participant dies.
  5. Funds Value Benefits and other benefits.

Health is an invaluable asset, then immediately invest for your health and the you love relatives.

Besides, you do not must worry about the amount of premium you pay, because Prudential offers a choice of premium, ranging from Rp. 300 thousand, which you can pay a every month, quarterly, six every month or yearly.

Source : Pru Proteksi

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